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3D Studio MAX Tutorials


Box modeling a car by Lars Mårtensson

Box modeling the basic shape of a car (in this case a SAAB96).

Covers: modeling

Simple Procedural Wood by Peter Åsberg

An introduction to procedural mapping and a pretty good overview of the wood shader.

Covers: texturing

Brushed Metal by Peter Åsberg

A procedural brushed metal shader. A little more in-depth on the usage of the Shellac and Raytrace materials.

Covers: texturing

Spline Modeling a Cool Dragon Bird by Ziv Zman

this tutorial teaches how to use basic splinemodeling (and other) techniques while modeling a cool mutalisk (dragon bird).

Covers: modeling

Creating Realistic Textures by ben

In this tutorial we'll be looking at techniques for using textures and materials to create realistic objects.

Covers: texturing, rendering

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