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Re: Unde Woman by Jian Xu
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-12-04 09:59:44
So beautiful! Wonderful detailed work. SUPERB
Re: I Shot the Sheriff by Olivier Cannone
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-09-26 17:22:47
Wonderful style! Excellent work
Re: Shoker by Aleksandr Kuskov
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-09-26 17:17:48
This work is STUNNING! Unbelievable detailed modeling and superb creativity.
Re: Bird House by Sebastien Sonet
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-09-21 16:55:00
Brilliant! Excellent choice of texture. Impressive work
Re: Petite Soeur by Sebastien Sonet
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-09-21 16:53:22
SUPERB bizar work. Fantastic modeling.
Re: Restricted Area by Daniil Alikov
By sabi-shaylan on 2010-09-21 16:47:13
Wonderful detailed machine. Impressive modeling
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