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Re: Girl in Livingroom by Tang Zhiheng
By kunal_mzr on 2011-08-07 06:38:02
Really beautiful. She is looking great.
Re: Sorceress by Dani Garcia
By kunal_mzr on 2011-05-23 23:37:25
Great work. Everything is looking so beautiful and nice. Congrats for sharing with us. And yes, some time some art pieces takes time.
Re: Unde Woman by Jian Xu
By kunal_mzr on 2011-02-26 10:08:33
Yes, it looks great art. The anatomy, detailing, lighting, texturing, everything is very very nice. Congrats for producing such great masterpiece. Carry on.
Re: Fashion Model by Dani Garcia
By kunal_mzr on 2011-02-26 10:02:23
Nice work. She is looking beautiful. Also the cloths are good. If you composite her into a real scenery, probably a beach. Than it will be a great art work. Carry on.
Re: Duoduo by Xu Fei
By kunal_mzr on 2010-04-29 06:27:33
Very cute & colorful. Overall she looking nice. Keep going.
Re: Tennis Girl by Nikita Volobuev
By kunal_mzr on 2010-04-29 06:25:14
She is looking very beautiful and real. Awesome some. Never saw such beautiful tennis star in 3d. Thanks for sharing us. Keep going.
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