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Skyler AAATervol

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Employment Objective

I want to be a 3d artist!

Personal Details


Born: 5-27-1989

Work Preferences

Position(s) interested in: Lead Animator, Lead Artist, Animator, 3D Artist, Modeler

Kind of employment: Student Job

Type of work: Full Time

Minimum gross (yearly) salary required: No Preference

Willing to work in: USA


Education history:


Computer graphics skills:

Composition &

Software skills:

Other skills or training: I have been working with computers since i was 14. i think of myself as a more then computer literate person. and i think i could learn anything a training program could teach me without any problem. Plus this is my passion im drivin to learn as much as i can about 3D art and animation please give me a chance i wont let you down.

Professional Experience

Experience: under 2 years

Work history:

Other Interests

I love to play guitar (self taught). i love skateboarding. im a huge video game player i love to think about how much work went into making a game or movie. and i love learning and tinkering with computer programs.

Other Details

I have been working at my step dads bussiness for the last couple of years and i have learned alot about mac computers, networking, and some programing. I was taught all i know by Jeffery A. Wilson who recently passed away.


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Portfolio image

This is a pic of the SG that i created in blender i completed this project with out any kind of tutorial help. i did use a refrence pic for the shape of the guitar

Portfolio image

this is a full shot

Portfolio image

this is the headstock of my gibson sg

Portfolio image

This was my first 3D project i had just been playing ping pong at my cousins and was inspired to model and texture this.

Portfolio image

this is poorly lit as you can see but i liked the way the light filtered through the net.


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