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David Alder

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Employment Objective

Energetic and productive 3D modeler with current MFA degree. Strong organizational skills will produce high quality projects within designated timelines.

Personal Details


Born: 3-30-1980

Work Preferences

Position(s) interested in: 3D Artist, Modeler

Kind of employment: Employee

Type of work: Full Time

Minimum gross (yearly) salary required: $50,000+

Willing to work in: France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA


Education history:

2002 Texas A and M University: BS, Mechanical Engineering Technology
2005 Savannah College Of Art and Design: MFA, Interactive Design and Game Develop


Computer graphics skills:

Composition &

Software skills:

Other skills or training: Professional Experience

11/01/05 to present: New Blood Productions Austin, TX
Freelance Cinematic 3D Modeler/Texture Artist:
•In charge of the creation and development of computer generated characters, environments and vehicles for future animation and compositing within live action movie footage.
•All models are the highest level of detail because close up shots of the models are required.
•Programs used: 3D Max, Deep Paint, Maya, Photoshop, Vue 5 Infinite, XSI, and ZBrush.

12/01/05 to present: AWIS Designs Austin, TX
Freelance Cinematic 3D Modeler/Texture Artist, Trainer:
•Trained the film director the fundamentals of Maya over a three month period.
•Working with AWIS Designs and New Blood Productions with the animation, compositing, modeling and texturing of the Star Wars fan film footage still in progress.
•Programs used: 3D Max, Deep Paint, Maya, Photoshop, Vue 5 Infinite, XSI, and ZBrush.

1/15/06 to present: The Collectors Showcase Austin, TX
Freelance High Poly 3D Modeler:
•Intense research and high poly modeling was mandatory in the exact replication of advanced World War 2 weaponry.
•The German Flak 88mm, Nebelwerfer and Pak 40 were modeled piece by piece from blue prints, books, model kits and web images.
•Accurate assembly, part modeling and proportions were essential as exact small scale replicas are soon to be the result.
•Programs used: Maya.

Fall 2000, Summer 2001, Spring 2002 Halliburton Energy Services Houston, TX
Cooperative Education with Texas A and M: Failure Analysis Technician
•Trained other cooperative education students in various engineering procedures, machines, and programs involved with failure analysis testing.
•Various results were obtained and applied to increase the longevity of equipment, prevent part failures and stop any further company financial losses.
•Numerous types of equipment and machinery were used including: Universal and hardness testing machines, microscopes, x-ray machines, optical comparators, overhead cranes and forklifts.
•Programs used: AutoCAD, Excel, Photoshop, SolidWorks, and Word.

Professional Experience

Experience: under 2 years

Work history:

2000-1 to 2001-8

Failure Analysis Technician at Halliburton Energy Services

Other Interests

Doing 3D artwork, Working Out, Playing Video Games, Any Outdoor Activities,


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Portfolio image

3D Max, Photoshop, ZBrush
5,000 polygons - > 5,000,000 polygons

Portfolio image

Maya, ZBrush
3,700 polygons - > 3,700,000 polygons

Portfolio image

3D Max, Photoshop, ZBrush
1,2000 polygons - > 1,200,000 polygons

Portfolio image

M16 A2 Modified

Portfolio image

Maya, Photoshop
5,500 Polygons


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