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James 1-Edwards

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Employment Objective

To get an internship and some experience in this field.

Personal Details

Nationality: Canadian

Born: 3-29-1983

Work Preferences

Position(s) interested in: Animator, 3D Artist, Modeler

Kind of employment: Interim

Type of work: Full Time

Minimum gross (yearly) salary required: No Preference

Willing to work in: Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA


Education history:

2003 Toronto Film School: Animation


Computer graphics skills:

Composition &

Software skills:

Other skills or training: Excellent verbal comunication, Keen visual sense, pipeline procedures, following direction, Formidable Maya Skills. Received an award for best animated sequence in highschool.

Professional Experience

Experience: under 2 years

Work history:

2003-10 to 2004-8

El Capitante at Freelance

Head Honcho

Other Interests

Running, Sports, VIDEO GAMES, making characters then throwing them in unreal tournment and watching them perform.


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Portfolio image

Name: Mushu from Disney
Character for new demo reel
Picture: Early rig test giving some of that Eddie Murphy lip I love so much.

Portfolio image

Nano Cell
Half Biological Half Mechanical
Lots fun with this thing :)
Not shaded

Portfolio image

My Level From UTeditor I made. All left pictures were how my level looked before I revamped it. On the right is the final look of my level.
Top Right picture: look at the ceiling the textures us see stretched is a fluid surface attached up there. Middle Right Picture: The final feeling and look of my sewer system. Threw in some scary music and random sounds varying though it to give you a bone chilling feel. When beta testing this with my friends they replied the sewer kicks ass with feeling of the music fog and scaryness of the sewar system.
Matrix room Bottom right I made some volume gravity boxes Turn on and off giving a bullet time feel for this part of the level. Lots of fun. Wish I could take my career this route making levels for video games is so much fun.

Portfolio image

Here's something Iím currently working on with a group of people from a band. Some quick logo designs for the band Reverence I came up with. This is just a picture of the layouts none of them are particularly stylized yet with a Goth or metal theme. Just first outline, after they choose a layout I will show them options to the styles that I will create for the layout they chose. Hopefully you'll here these guys in the future, very, very good. How I came upon this is the base guitar player is my good friend Kyle ;).

Portfolio image

Here lies an example of a modeling stage using the CPS tool modeling in polygons. Modeling a real life object to exact detail. The Current Venus Statue. Unfortunately I only have early production file of this model of mine. Since my entire completed project files were stolen when attending college. : (Reason my backpack was stolen was well probably because I had illegal software at the time in there. Of course being a student all that canít afford the software get an illegal copy. Grr makes me mad. One-day Ill back to her just I'm a little busy with my current works. Plus I'm having lots of fun with the UT editor only had it for a week. Since August 3rd and put in over 120 hours. I'm a work aholic in what I love to do :p. My current objective is the same to get a dam job. Hey wait a minute you there reading my resume you could help a young full of energy loveable guy right.


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