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Usman Ahmad

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Employment Objective

To be highly instrumental in the financial and technical developments of the organization I work in.

Personal Details

Nationality: Pakistani

Born: 8-15-1972

Work Preferences

Position(s) interested in: Lead Animator, Animator, 3D Artist

Kind of employment: Employee

Type of work: Full Time

Minimum gross (yearly) salary required: $50,000+

Willing to work in: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA


Education history:

1993 National College of Computer Sciences: Diploma in Computer Studies
2002 Punjab Univaersity: B. A.
2004 National College of Arts: Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia Arts


Computer graphics skills:

Composition &

Software skills:

Other skills or training: Graphic Designing, Non Linear Editing, Good command over softwares like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Corel DRAW, Macromedia Freehand. Also have little more than basic knowledge of audio softwares like Sound forge, Audition, Wave Lab.

Professional Experience

Experience: between 6 and 10 years

Work history:

1996-9 to 1997-9

Computer Graphics Designer at Rana Advertising & Marketing (

Designed out door hoardings, g

1997-9 to 1998-2

Computer Graphics Designer at Impact Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.

Designed Magazine Layout, Maga

1998-1 to 1998-8

3D Modeler/Animator, Co-owner at VR Designers (Pvt.) Ltd.

1998-9 to 1999-6

3D Modeler/Animator/ NLE at Media Network (Pvt.) Ltd.

Worked as Free-lance Animator

1999-6 to 2000-10

3D Modeler/Animator/ NLE at Midas Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd.

Made 3D Animations for Variou

2000-10 to 2001-12

3D Modeler / Animator at Acrologix (Pvt.) Ltd

Made 3D interactive web conten

2000-10 to 2001-12

3D Modeler/ Animator/NLE at Midas Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd

Worked as Part Time.

2001-1 to 2002-12

3D Modeler/ Animator/NLE at Midas Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd

Made 3D Animations/ Models fo

2004-7 to 2004-9

3D Animator at Wireframe Interactive (Pvt.) L

Made 3D Animations for variou

2004-10 to 2005-2

3D Animator/Modeler/ NLE/ Ass at Sea Communications (Pvt.) Ltd

Made 3D Animations for variou

Other Interests

Playing PC Games, Riding Super Bikes, Movies, Cinematics, Special FX, Watching Grand Prix, SBK, F1 racing.


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Portfolio image

I made this necklace in 2001 for interactive 3D web content.

Portfolio image

I made this chair from the reference picture (inset) to use it as a prop for my college 3D project in November 2003.

Portfolio image

I was experimenting with single light lighting in Brazil when this idea came to my mind.


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