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Genius Circuit, LLC

3D Modeling and Texturing


United States, Illinois, Chicago


Genius Circuit creates digital books, animated shorts, kids games, and interactive applications. If you are talented (aka - a genius), but haven't caught your big break yet, then this is the place for you. We work on fun and exciting projects. Build your portfolio and earn a little at the same time.

Job Description

Freelance Job:
We are looking for go-to, talented 3D character and creature artists for this and several other projects. Below is the job description for the first of these projects.

Job Description:
- Model and texture seven fantasy characters/creatures that require a high level of detail - for a realistic look. You will be provided with the 2D detailed concept art (front facing only).
- Details: You must have an exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouettes. A superior eye for light, shade, color, and detail for the model/textures is essential.
- Character information: There are six characters with humanoid and animal features. The seventh character is a human girl (teen).
- Genre: Fantasy (targeted at age group 9+)
- Rigging: models should be ready to be rigged for animation with excellent wireframe work.
- Format: 3DS Studio Max / Maya
- Output: all raw renders must be provided, as well as video and PDS with alpha/layered backgrounds.
- Quality: HD
- Copyright: we retain all rights; you may use the work for your portfolio.
- Work Terms: you will be required to sign a NDA and Work-For-Hire contract agreement.
- Location: can work remotely.
- Other: if you do rigging and/or animation as well - let us know. You will be a candidate for other jobs. It is however NOT a requirement for this posting.

Portfolio Submission: When you send us your portfolio - you must include a price quote (per character) for this work, including the duration to complete. We will discuss in more detail at the interview. For the price, use one of your portfolio pieces.

Finally: talent and bid price will determine the winning candidate.

Contact: hr@geniuscircuit.com
Please contact us by sending us an email.


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