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Rhythm & Hues Sdn Bhd

3D Animation Apprentice



Malaysia, Selangor, Cyberjaya


Rhythm & Hues is a multiple Academy AwardŽ winning film production studio specializing in visual effects and computer animation for feature films and television commercials.

Founded in 1987, Rhythm & Hues, continues to push the boundaries of the digital frontier and has been singled out as a leader by virtually all the major competitions that recognize excellence in computer graphics. Rhythm & Hues has a globally distributed production infrastructure with studios in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kuala Lumpur.

The Kuala Lumpur facility is an extension of the global production infrastructure and works on all the same projects to the same high quality standards.

Job Description

Malaysian animators who are currently searching for job opportunities are welcome to apply for our Animation Apprentice Programme (due to start mid-March), which could potentially lead to a permanent position at Rhythm & Hues Malaysia.

You will be doing character animation (body animation as well as lip synch). In addition to this you might also need to create camera motion, move inanimate objects through space (such as aircraft), animatics which include layout and rough blocking for previsualization purposes.

1) Strong traditional art skills (drawing, painting, or sculpture, etc.)
2) Should be trained in classical animation or have experience in classical animation.
3) Good acting skills / basic training in acting.
4) Knowledge of using Mocap data / experience in stop motion animation.
5) Clear understanding of rigging fundamentals.
6) Excellent English communication skills (including written, verbal and report generating skills).
7) Experience in a production environment (film/broadcast industry) as Character Animator / Facial Animator.
8) Familiarity with UNIX / Linux

1) Demo reel should showcase your understanding of animation principles such as squash-and-stretch, overlapping action, anticipation, follow-through, weight, timing, etc.
2) Demonstrate acting skills, lip-syncing examples are also helpful in addition to walk cycles and life drawings.
3) Reel should demonstrate diversity in animation styles, ranging from highly realistic motion to a more exaggerated "cartoony" style.

All interested candidates should email their resumes to: jobs-my@rhythm.com, and mail a demo reel (DVD or VCD) to the address mentioned in the contact section of our website or send us a URL link to the demo reel if it is online.

NB - Primarily for Malaysian nationals only. Non-Malaysian nationals are welcome to apply, but we ask that applicants be aware of the average job compensation and living costs in Malaysia before proceeding to apply; also, check for similar vacancies at our R+H LA and R+H India website.


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