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I would like to commission an artist to create a 3D image for the floor of an elevator. I would like it to really give the feeling of vertigo when
standing on top and looking down.

I was thinking of an image similar to the image used in this promotion for a sky diving company.


I am also open to incorporating a sci-fi futuristic image. I think that would make it more interesting. Movies I think of would be the 5th element when the taxi is hurtling towards the ground.

The main thing is that the image really convey that tingling feeling you get in your feet when your looking over a high ledge or cliff (or is that just me?).

I want the image to be very realistic looking even if it is sci-fi.

Never done anything else like this before so if you need more information let me know. The image will be printed onto Polycarbonate. First time I have used this service so not sure how the payment system works but I am happy to use escrow.

Would really like some feedback with regards to your thoughts and cost. Examples you have that would back up your ability to do this job will be required. Any questions can be directed to simon@marwe.com.au

Kind regards,

Simon W


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