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3D artists for unique FPS models

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3D artists for unique FPS models 
By AtlasSniperman on Nov 26, 2011 04:32 AM
I believe that those who seek to view the world in new ways will change the world for all others. The FVGP is a war shooter game who's unique view of battle is sure to turn heads.

But for it to work weapon models will be needed, very special "Pial"(Pieces in active locations) models. These models consist of a weapon model with all possible attachments attached(whether they overlap or not doesnt matter), these attachments would be turned off by textures.

There are 3 categories of weapon pial left to be claimed:
Sub machine gun
Machine gun
Sniper rifle

as well as 2 more basic weapon groups that are just single models...

Sadly as this is currently no more than a private project there is no "wage" until the potential release of the game
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