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3D artist to model characters for an indie RPG

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3D artist to model characters for an indie RPG 
By Styg on Sep 01, 2011 04:24 PM
Project name:
Timelapse Vertigo

Brief description:
Timelapse Vertigo is an isometric indie sci-fi RPG game that's been in production for a while now. It's based on a custom built engine. Most of the engine features are complete and the game is in content producing stage.

Target aim:
Digital distribution.

This is a paid position on pay-per-milestone basis. However, keep in mind that this is an indie project and so is the budget, so reasonable offers only.

Talent needed:
I require a 3D artist to model, texture, rig and animate a number of human and creature characters along with their props (weapons), then render them in 8 isometric directions to produce the spritesheet that the engine can load. Rendering style should be able to fit well enough with the environmental art. The graphics will be rendered in small scale (humans about 100 pixels high) so the models do not need to be super detailed.



Please provide links to your portfolio and any projects you have worked.
If you've worked on a similar projects and can supply recommendations that is a big plus.

Additional Info:
Here are a couple of screenshots, please visit the website for more (including a (somewhat outdated) demo video).

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