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Is this forum communist?

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Is this forum communist? 
By marven on May 16, 2001 01:47 PM
Ok, I’m very confessed here, a while back there was a thread here called
“Just for Raphael Benedet “ at http://www.raph.com/3dartists/cgibin/forums/YaBB.cgi?board=post_3d_art&action=display&num=652&start=45

that now seems to have mysteriously disappeared from this forum, and this is very curious because it was basically a rant at the way Ralph is rude in not sending a simple response back to people that are rejected to his gallery section.  I have two comments to make about this (if they even get posted before that Ralph’s lackey and professional lapboy ambient-whisper deletes is):

1. I personally find this attitude of Ralph’s also to be very rude!  If people take the time to actually send him their work than they at least deserve at minimum a form letter that it was received, reviewed and not accepted, but to reapply in the future.  Is that so hard, or does it make Ralph so uncomfortable to make even this much effort?  I read his response that “its just too much work to respond to everyone”, well than what’s the point of your site? Why do you ask people to apply to be considered in the first place, why not just scour the web yourself and pick the pics you or your little judges like? Don’t get me wrong on this part, I agree that this site should just stay the top artist and the quality of art should not be dumbed down, but for this kind of disrespect shows a total lack of character.  By the way I am not affiliated in anyway with maxfactor (the original guy to start all this), I think his site sucks anyway.  I am just a human being that is a little tired of this sort of phony social stratification that is so prevalent in the entertainment industry, and sadly this site appears to adhere to this pathetic standard.

2.     I wouldn’t even have bothered to write this except for the fact that the links to the original post now appears to be missing.  I almost felt that Ralph was redeemed (not that my opinion makes any difference to anyone) because he appeared to be secure enough to keep the post on the forum and make the appropriate response to it.  Is this a “member’s only opinions” website?  I know places like 3dark have the same 10 people that post everything and shout down anyone that has anything interesting to say, not a good method for increasing viewership, and it makes the site static and ultimately a place for cronies to congregate instead of professional artists.  If I am mistaken about the link to this posting, than disregard #2, however #1 still applies.
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Re: Is this forum communist? 
By ambient-whisper on May 16, 2001 02:05 PM
why does everyone think im raphs lapboy?
and that i will go about deleting posts?.
if you will look closely...i am only a moderator in the general discussions, modelling, and mirai sections. i am not a moderator in this forum. so i cannot delete this.
on another note. this is the " post 3d art" forum
so why are you posting this topic in here?.
a more appropriate place for this topic would be either in the general , or the suggestion forum.
by the way...heres the "deleted" topic. it wasnt deleted as much as it was moved to a more appropriate forum

Last modification: ambient-whisper - 05/16/01 at 16:05:57
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Re: Is this forum communist? 
By gman on May 16, 2001 03:28 PM
'Happy', you dont sound it, you obviously dont have a partucularly high IQ either.

1. Raph is doing a great job running this site, he explained that he cant spend his entire life answering e-mails.

2. This is old news.

3. Let's see your site if you think maxfactor sucks, I think you suck, I think you are an asshole with too much time on his hands.  If you want to make a statement get out of your armchair and do some artwork, whats the matter? are you afraid.  I think so.

4. Nobody cares anymore mr.'Happy'.  

This sort of stupid 'old news' post irritates me.  Talk about something interesting or do not talk at all.

-enough said.

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Re: Is this forum communist? 
By Pavster316 on May 16, 2001 05:23 PM
Well said Gav...
Why do you ask people to apply to be considered in the first place, why not just scour the web yourself and pick the pics you or your little judges like?

What a good way to start out your posting at these forums!  Congratulations, you've made a great name for yourself with just 1 post, that takes a "very special" person.

The "little judges" that you are talking about here, just happen to be a handfull of some of the finest 3D artists in the world!  

For your own sake, show some respect!


p.s.  Eddie Murphy once said a very good thing: "This is my house!  You don't like it, you get the FUC_K out!"

Last modification: Pavel A. Pranevsky - 05/16/01 at 19:23:01
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Re: Is this forum communist? 
By admin on May 16, 2001 10:08 PM

I moved the thread to the ideas/suggestions/comments board because some people, vistors of the post 3d art board were a bit fed up of that endless thread and because nobody was posting anymore.

As for the notify thing, it has been programmed and now, the submitters are notified within one week about the status of their submission.

btw, my nick is Raph, not Ralph. Thanks.
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