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Water and Mirror

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Water and Mirror 
By krause-shop on Jul 19, 2002 04:35 AM
I have 2 questíons:

1. How do I make a Water texture?

2. How do I make a mirror?

Answer quickly!

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Re: Water and Mirror 
By SynapticCore on Sep 10, 2002 10:04 AM
To create a simple mirror (basically just reflecting everything perfectly) you just take the surface you want to be the mirror, go into the Material Editor and create a Material which has reflection 100% I guess.

With the water I don't know how to but i'm guessing its a lot trickier, as Water reflects partially and is also see through with a deep colour, it also has refraction to bend light (which is why a pen bends when you put it in a glass of water.)  I dunno mate, use the brain god gave you and think about real life and how you could create it in 3D.  If there was a manual for everything you wanted to know why would anyone need an imagination.

Good Luck
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Re: Water and Mirror 
By rpgdigital on Oct 17, 2002 08:26 AM
The chap above is partially right, and it does depend on what sort of water effect you are trying to achive, from a glass of water to an ocean.

In the instance of an ocean you need a subdivided plane ie a grid broken up into say 100x100. You then need to add a fractal based displacement map and the most important thing is you need a decent sky/environment to reflect into it.

For under the ocean shots you will want to maybe use fogging effects and volumetric lights and a lens flare behind your partially transparent  grid, to represent the sun. When I say partially transparent, you might want to use a fractal procedural animation to create those ripple refractions.

The light bending effect mentioned, which would be more suitable for the glass of water is down to refraction, that's refraction not reflection. If Im right the standard refraction for air is 1.0 and for water 1.333.
I would still add a certain amount of reflection to this aswell.

Tip when experiemnting would be to keep your objects nice and simple. Reflections and refractions can be cpu intensive and it's going to take a lot of experimenting. Another tip dig out as much real worl source material as possible this will also be beneficial.

That said go hunting for some proper tutorials and good luck. ;)

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Re: Water and Mirror 
By canavan on Oct 25, 2002 08:45 AM
IF you are interested in learning how to make some water "both" above and below surface, I could most def hook you up with some directions via email or aim.  drop me a line if you are interested.  this is what it would look like when you were done, http://www.sparkstudio.com/temp/oceanic.jpg (above water)

http://www.sparkstudio.com/temp/sub.jpg (below water)

sorry for the poor textures on the ground... but you get the idea.  hope this helps, Good luck

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