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By shu on Feb 09, 2002 06:34 PM
I am very new to 3d and would appreciate any help. This question really has two parts:

1. Ok, I am modelling a belt that I want to animate (belt undoes itself). How should I go about that? Do I animate the mesh at the sub object level, do I use IK? I have no idea.

2. I've built the belt so that the UVW mapping appears AFTER the meshsmooth modifier in the stack. This way I can work lo and render hi.  How do I animate the mesh and still keep my mapping accurate?

It's so hard to try and put my problem into text.. If anyone has any links to tutorials that may help me, even that would be greatly apreciated. :)
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Re: animation 
By Takliel on Aug 21, 2002 06:19 PM
hi, im a bit new in this too but i think i can help you,
For animating the belt i think the best way is making a line and animate this like if it was the belt, then apply a path modifier to the mesh and increase the percentage to 100% so the entire belt will go where the line goes.
About the UVW you can add it before the mesh smooth and in the material editor turn off show in viewport so you wont see the map in the viewports but it is there when you render,
I think that's all, any question mail me.
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