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Hiring:3D Environment Artist

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Hiring:3D Environment Artist 
By balanced on Dec 14, 2010 07:17 AM
Balanced Worlds
Job Title: 3D Environment Artist

Are you tired of working in an outsourcing environment? Would you like to expand your CG knowledge? Do you want more creative freedom? Then Balanced Worlds wants to hear from you. If you love games and have a passion to grow as an artist, and you are eager to work and learn from veterans of the video games industry, then Balanced Worlds is the place for you.

At Balanced Worlds we believe in fostering an environment of creativity, knowledge, sharing, combined with the best practices and techniques from the East and West. Work with an all-star team who has worked on AAA titles such as God of War, Warhawk, the Ratchet and Clank franchise, Resistance: fall of Man, Red Faction, the Descent series and more.

We are currently seeking the best and most creative artists to work on a next generation online game. Come join the fun!

Additional Benefits of Balanced Worlds includes:

1) We know you have a life. We try to balance work and life.
2) Free lunch for everyone, everyday!
3) English is a valuable skill for your future. Learn it everyday at Balanced Worlds.
When you work with the best, you will become the best. Our expectations are high and we encourage growth.

Job Summary:
Balanced Worlds is looking for a top-notch 3D Environment Artist to create high quality 3D levels and props. Work with the Art Director to visually communicate the Creative Director’s ultimate vision, and push the art quality to its limits.

• Create 3D real-time in-game models of environments, architecture, and props
• UV setup and creation of high quality hand-painted and photo manipulated textures
• Generate normal, ambient occlusion, and additional maps using Maya, Z-Brush, or Mudbox
• Lighting of level and props

Required Qualifications:
• Must Speak English and Chinese Mandarin
• Shipped at least one title or have at least 2 years experience as an environment artist
• Ability to research reference and compose entire levels with little supervision
• Strong problem solving skills and able to create complete assets based on simple sketches or concept images
• Advanced skills in 3D modeling, UV setup, and texturing of environments and props
• Knowledge with next generation mapping techniques such as normal maps, ambient occlusion, parallax mapping, and shader creation
• Experience with using Maya and Adobe Photoshop
• Strong traditional and digital art skills with a focus composition, lighting, and color theory
• Some understanding of human anatomy
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to take direction well

Preferred Qualifications:
• A love for playing videogames and good instincts for game design
• Experience developing art assets for video games

Portfolio Requirements:
• Present no more than twenty of your best 3D assets
• Include textures and shaders used
• Include reference images or concepts used
• Provide works ranging in different art styles, from realistic to stylized or cartoon-y

Please submit your resume together with portfolios to the following address:

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