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[Paid] Low-Poly model objects and textures

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[Paid] Low-Poly model objects and textures 
By synergyvisions on Jul 26, 2010 07:10 PM
Hi, thanks for reading...

Seeking help to primarily create simple low-poly objects (avg. 20-200 avg, high side is 1500 polys) for a flight simulator scenery area such as simple barrels, shelves, radar, briefing boards, sheds, warehouses, etc. with textures. Payment is avg. $5 - 10 per model but with volume and time incentives. Ideal candidate will make the most money by cranking through dozens of the objects off the to-do list and going after bigger volume. In addition, a skilled modeler will quickly see how many of the "base models" can be reused as well as their textures. For example, 3 different versions of the warehouse can use the same base warehouse walls, roofs, etc. but just need to add a sliding door perhaps and different textures. If interested, please drop me a line at:
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