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FPS Project 
By MDMStudios on Jun 10, 2010 04:16 AM
Hey, so I'm a part of an FPS project that has two parts to it (an RPG part and an online part), so far we have three team members (two coders and one modeler). We are looking for more modelers, animators, 2D/texture artists, and concept artists. We will be challenging all members to work to their full extent, and create top quality art. This is a full indie project, and we are not paying initially, and we can't promise pay in the end, however we can promise a noticeable increment to your reputation, and if we make money, we will spread it across the team members.

If your interested in working in a project like this, send an e-mail to hermxiv@gmail.com , please include past experience, what part of the work load you'd like to share, and a demo of your work.
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