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the moral of the story is...

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the moral of the story is... 
By ZombieCzar on Feb 20, 2001 10:08 PM
it's amazimg how well that gets attention , anywho. ok the site is great as all ways however.
the gallery hasn't been updated and it would seem to me that many very good artist's are not exepted to it due a lack of charecters, and the forums layout is to noisy should have atleast someborder for a nice deffinition. and it doesn't seem to work right, I don't know if I'm the only one to experiance this but no matter how many times I read the same old thing the site cookie marks it unread the next time I come to the site. I tried mark as read and it works until I read another string. you know usuall grips, it's not perfect so i'm not happy kind of thing. anywho glad to have u back really, the stigma that became my right brain is starting to wear of now so that I can create clearly now, DANKA!
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