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Iphone Strategy Game with Mafia Theme

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Iphone Strategy Game with Mafia Theme 
By Entinc on Mar 05, 2010 01:03 AM
Looking for artist/graphic director who could help our team with the final aspect of our game. Please have experience working with games as well as small pixels such as 32x32. Not just looking for an artist but someone who could take an interest and share the passion for the game. More of a personal relationship rather than business man. I hope to you use you for all future projects similar to this game as well as website, etc.

Basically need one main screen that will be used through out the game. It is a birdeye view looking down on a city. Game type is similar to starcraft, warcraft, oldschool GTA, and sim city...It consists of 32x32 street tiles, various building tiles, icons, character units (4 specifically), and an attractive HUD screen with more icons.

As for style I was hoping for a artistic genius to help sell the game. I want a dark somewhat dark style comic feel to it with cool textures and detail. I understand the tiny screen makes it difficult but I need something on a professional level.

Games I am comparing/competing with on the platform are www.boombrigade.com and Dark Nebula. PLEASE HELP!
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