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Iphone Mafia Themed Gamed...already 75% coded

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Iphone Mafia Themed Gamed...already 75% coded 
By ilentropyli on Jan 19, 2010 10:59 PM
Seeking an artist who can create beatiful, detailed, creative, 2d art similiar to strategy games like starcraft, warcraft in their 3d style.

I would need a top down view (oldschool GTA) of a city. The art would consist of street tiles, building tiles, icons and characters in a 32x32 pixel space.

Game is present day Mafia themed with a strategy style game play. We currently have cut scene illustrations, catchy audio/music, and just need good map art for each city. The game is very fun and we are confident it will be a good sell on itunes.

Our project is almost completed and we refuse to release until we update the art. Looking to build a relationship with someone who can be used for future projects as well.
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