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Problems w/ Converting Biped to Bones via FBX

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Problems w/ Converting Biped to Bones via FBX 
By kloogens on Nov 14, 2009 05:42 PM
I am trying to convert a biped into bones by exporting the biped to an FBX file

I am following the tutorial "Creating Animated Bones with Biped" in the Max 2010 help files on how to do this.

Essentially it's says you create a biped, export the biped to an FBX file.
Reset the scene
Import the FBX file and setting the bones height and width to 3.

When i follow these steps my bones are not properly scaled. That is to say they're all skinning and look nothing like the results in the tutorials.

I am guessing for course but it seems to be ignoring the scale values regardless of what i put in. I could put in 100000 and still no change.

I even took the CreateBones_start.max file (the one from the tutorial) and still, the same issue.

I have SP1 and the latest FBX plugin installed.

Can anyone plz tell me what is going on or what i am doing wrong.
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