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TrueSpace texturing

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TrueSpace texturing 
By PlasmaX on Feb 10, 2002 02:04 PM
How do i texture things on Truespace5!? PLEASE HELP!
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CubicdRe: TrueSpace texturing 
By ZoomBoy on May 24, 2002 02:09 AM
I've got version 4.3 which can be different from your version

Check out the Shaders Panel(right click on the Paint Object)
Left-Click the Upper Left ball - Colours

This will bring up a long list of shaders
- chrome
- texture maps
- marble
- Perlin Noise
- simple wood
- wrapped this that and the other
- Layered colours which allow you to add up to 8 different layers of textures with different transparency levels

There's also Displacement(bump map)+ Transparency + Reflectance types

This will give you the texture to put on your surface usually with Paint Object

You don't need to do any special if it's just a plain colour; just click on Paint Object button

For a texture map, Click on the UV projection button and you'll be given a choice of Spherical, Cylindrical, Cubic and Planar UV Projection.  Rotate the Mapping grid like an object to suit your needs.

Also check out the Caligari [URL=http://forum.caligari.com/discus/messages/board-topics.html]web-site forum [/URL]

Developing a iso-tile 2D RPG with skills, weapons, and adventure.  See my old Hex-Tile RPG GAME, character editor, diary, 3D Art resources(abit out of date) at [URL=http://www.geocities.com/jzoomiethomas/]Check out my Web-Site[/URL]
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