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Will deliever the 3D goods and work for peanuts.

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Will deliever the 3D goods and work for peanuts. 
By JPWestmas on Aug 21, 2009 10:09 PM
Highly competitive rates and high quality 3D art. I specialize in 3D character art and concepts. Check it out for yourself. http://jpwestmas.net


My Resume: http://jpwestmas.net/JPWestmas_Picts/JPWestmas_Portfolio/WestmasResume09.htm
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By JPWestmas on Aug 22, 2009 02:58 PM
I thought I should make this resume a little easier to get to ;)

Jason Westmas

3D Modeler/ Texture Artist/ Character Rigger

1716 Ellen Avenue > Madison, WI 53716 > (608) 276 - 6811

E-mail: epiginosis@yahoo.com > Website: jpwestmas3d.com

3D Software Skills

3D Modeling skills:

- 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave 3D, Z-Brush.

- Can successfully take a 2D concept drawing and convert it into a living, breathing 3D digital model.

High and Low polygonal Modeling and Texture techniques:

- Polygon, Subdivision Surfaces, Patch Modeling; Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave 3D.

- UV Texture Painting/ Displacement and Normal Mapping;Photoshop and Z-Brush.

Character Rigging and Basic Animation Principles:

- Character Studio and Bone systems using 3DS Max.

- Complex Bone Systems and Paint Weighting using Maya and Lightwave 3D.

2D Design and Painting/ Drawing Skills

2D Animation and Video Editing applications:

- Flash, Final Cut Pro, Premier, After Effects.

2D Graphic Design skills/ applications:

- Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, In-design, Quark Xpress.

Traditional painting and drawing skills:

- Rendering of form and realistic depth using Color, Light Conditions, Composition, Atmospheric Perspective and other formal visual elements.

Freelance Work Experience 1995 - Present

-Worked with David Balwell (Lead Motion Capture Artist for LOTR Gollum Character) doing “Motion Capture Editing using Motion Builder” for commercial arcade game project.

-Freelanced for the Bellwether Group; Made a 3D Football Animation for NFL website mock-up demonstrating cutting edge 3-D web browser animation technology.

-Art Director for fully team-oriented environment for the Half Life2 engine.

-Modeled 3D character heads for company, Pinhead Games.

-Modeled, Textured and Rigged “Rock Doll” Character and Rock ‘N’ Roll Human Character to be used for print.

-Modeled, Textured and Rigged for Children’s Animated music CD “Clifford the Crocodile.”

-Paint Science-Fiction and Fantasy illustration for hire.


Art Institute of Seattle 2002 - 2004;

- AAA Computer Animation Arts.

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design 1996 - 2000;

- BFA Illustration.
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