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By WowDigital on Jul 22, 2009 02:01 AM
WOW specialise in providing very secure outsourcing, overflow and research and development service to many sectors including broadcast, corporate, events, TV and Film, advertising as well as the gaming industry which is run and developed by ex Autodesk and Discreet staff with all work developed under NDA.

Offering an end-to-end solution that brings a comprehensive set of high quality and lower cost outsourced production services to our clients.

Many companies have outsourced and ended up with a tainted view of outsourcing, however we at WOW have taken time to listen to our clients and with their advice and work methodology have developed a sound and competent work ethic that is embedded throughout the business.

We maintain constant communication with our clients by having individual account managerís for each client to deal directly with but also a constant line of communication is also kept throughout our entire studio set upís not only with fluent English speakers but with British nationals thus encouraging a fully transparent service.

Business Benefits of using our service

The term "Global" business partnership is more realistic and apparent than ever before. At WOW we understand that and as such have developed a team of 3D artists capable of producing not only first class graphic imagery but offer this at very favourable rates.

The teams are specifically selected to support projects from Europe. Our ethos is simple, our focus is plain. We support and care that our clients are fully satisfied at every step and on every aspect of the production.

One very unique and vitally important aspect of our ethos is that we will develop through research any concept that the corporate client requires to achieve their unique and professional vision.

Our team have recently completed the CGI model development for a leading children's TV series on the BBC, a fully animated series for a leading production company, characters for the gaming sector as well as high resolution print images for an entire Motorsport season for a leading motor racing media agency and have developed render technique, style and feel of all of their CGI media from very high resolution still images to HD animation that blends seamlessly into live action footage. Another research and development aspect that we are continually working with is with leading UK and US Stop Motion Animation studios. This work involves creating a seamless blend of CGI into traditional stop motion animation through specific research into render and animation technique.

We have also developed models at 300 DPI (28,086 x 19866 pixels) for outdoor advertising and we have also have rendered at 56,000 pixels wide due to the unique 36 node render farm at very cost effective prices.

For further info or view work please email darren@wowdigitalmedia.tv
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