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3D Landscape Artist for Xbox Serial RPG [Paid]

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3D Landscape Artist for Xbox Serial RPG [Paid] 
By Limdallion on Jul 20, 2009 05:14 AM
Looking for work in video games?

We are seeking a Landscape to create content for an Xbox Live downloadable game. You would be creating the various backgrounds used in the first episode of this game. These landscapes include indoor and outdoor environments, terrain, structures, and objects. You will be given concept art to work from.

What is it?

The game is a “serial RPG” that will be created using XNA and delivered over Xbox Live, and possibly other platforms. A serial RPG is made up of short, downloadable episodes (1 to 3 hours of gameplay) that make up a larger, ongoing story. Ideally, a new episode will be released each week and save data carries over to each new episode. We are now creating the basic engine for the game and builder tools to easily create future episodes.

The game concept is not complex. It is 2D, sprite-based, and should easily be doable with a few experienced programmers. You will have to inquire for information regarding story and game design.

Many environments (usually outdoors) will use a static pre-rendered background. The background will be created with 3D software, but imported as a static background. The reason for this is to increase versatility in case we must make adjustments to the angle and so forth.

Other environments (usually indoor) will use tiles in order to save memory space. You will make a tilesheet, preferably from breaking down the textures of a modeled environment.

You will be given concept art for each scene. You will have to model terrain, buildings, as well as objects that are a part of the environment.

Why should I want to help?

Our greatest asset in this project is that we are following game design blue prints that have been meticulously planned down to the finest detail. We strongly believe that every good project begins with a good plan. Everything that can be planned should be planned in advanced - but of course, never chiseled in stone.

Because everything has been planned, all tasks and requirements have been clearly defined. You will be told what characters and animations are needed at the start of the project, and be given the concept art.

Does this gig pay?

Yes, but not much. I insist on paying all team members at each milestone in order to keep things professional and consistent. This is not enough money to compensate you for your time and skill. You would have to find compensation in your interest in the project and your desire for experience.

How long will this take?

Ideally, this work would be ongoing and continue beyond the first episode. You can consider this initial work and audition for a permanent position or you can stop after the first episode.

What should I do now?

Please email dwwelch@gmail.com if you are interested. Please include or link to any samples you wish to show. I will send you some Game Design Documents so you can take a closer look at what we are doing and see if you are interested in contributing.
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