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[Aniwow!2009] White Poplar Awards Call for Entries

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[Aniwow!2009] White Poplar Awards Call for Entries 
By aniwow2009 on Jul 19, 2009 09:16 AM
[Aniwow!2009] White Poplar Awards Call for Entries
4th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival, 2009

1. Entry Categories

[Aniwow!2009] Awards have 4 categories. Entrants should indicate which category to apply for.
Any frame by frame or computer assisted moving pictures, which follows the definition of animation given by the ASIFA are qualified to this festival.

Digital compositing short film and motion graphics design, etc.

C. Interactive Design
Interactive web work (web design, E-magazine, interactive advertising, flash game and interface design for mobile phone), interactive game design (PC game, mobile phone game) and interactive installation, etc.

D. Comic Art & Illustration:
A complete story represented by comic art or a clear theme represented by single illustration (CG or hand-painted illustration)

2. Awards

A. Animation:
1 White Poplar Award (10,000 RMB)
3 ASIFA China Award
1 Best Directing (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Screenplay (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Art Design (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Original Music (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Character Animation (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Web Animation (6,000 RMB)

3 ACM SIGGRAPH Education Award
1 Best Digital Short Film (6,000 RMB)
1 Best Motion Graphics Design (6,000 RMB)

C. Interactive Design
1 Best Interactive Web work (6,000 RMB reward)
1 Best Interactive Game (6,000 RMB reward)
1 Best Interactive Installation (6,000 RMB reward)

D. Comic Art & Illustration:
1 Best Comic Art (3,000 RMB reward)
1 Best Single Illustration (3,000 RMB reward)

3. Requirements

1. Submitted works must be finished from Jan. 1st 2008 to Sept. 28th 2009, including works made by students at universities and colleges (graduation work is applicable), and works made by universities/ colleges cooperated with companies (universities/ colleges in priority).

2. Works previously entered for selection at China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival cannot be taken into consideration.

3. Works can be registered either by individual or by team. But one entrant only can send 3 works maximum. Please indicate whether your works have already been published before.

4. Each work should be finished by the author with full copyright. The author/artist will be responsible for all legal issues. Co-produced works could be submitted with the permission of all the other team members.

5. All content of the works must be not against the law in China. And it is strongly prohibited that your works copy or imitate others. If you use other people’s work, please indicate the copyright, otherwise the festival has the right to cancel your qualification of participating in the competition. Besides, if there is any negative influence on the competition, the festival will declare the legal responsibility of the related.

4. Selection

Selection process for [Aniwow!2009] awards is divided into Pre-Selection and Final Selection. Works will be chosen to be presented in the official selection in Pre-Selection. Award winners and nominees will be decided in Final Selection. The Jury is made up by famous animation and digital art professionals, experienced scholars, senior managers in institutions related. During the judging process, we will strictly follow the principle of equity. Works that get into the final round will be shown on the official websites of the festival, and the final prize will be announced in the awarding ceremony. Award winners and directors whose work is selected for the final in the competition will be invited to present at the ceremony.

5. Format Requirements

1. Animation and VFX works are recommended in formats of MOV, AVI or SWF (only for Web Animation) Resolution should be no less than 720×576. High quality compressed or uncompressed works are preferred.

2. Interactive web works should have a certain theme based on the Internet or mobile network. Entrants should submit completed interactive web work and an instruction document (See details in the application form).

3. There is no limitation in genre, platform and size for Interactive game works. Entrants should submit works with a still image of the game in format of JPG, a video demo within 3 minutes and an instruction document, including user platform, software and instruction for players (See details in the application form).

4. Interactive installation works based on electronic aid (made up by such electronic components as integrated circuit, transistor, radio tube, including computer, mobile phone, electronic and automatic control, etc) play roles via applying electronic technology (including software). The installation art works emphasis on the interactivity between user-computer or user-user, making users participate, communicate or even immerse into it. Entrants should submit a picture of the installation in format of JPG, or send us the installation, demo show within 3 minutes and an instruction document, including user platform, software and instruction for players (See details in the application form).

5. Comic works should be compressed in format of TIFF or PSD only, and size should be no less than A4, and resolution should be no less than 300dpi.

6. Make sure your submitted work can work. If there is any special requirement, please indicate it in the application form.

7. Entrants should check there is no virus in the work before submission. Works taking virus cannot be taken into consideration.

6. Registration and Receipts
In order to guarantee all the works could be safely received, carefully kept, strictly categorized, deliberately judged and accurately awarded, we will watch the whole procedure of the submission. All the entrants should read the instructions carefully, and submit the works correctly to avoid any mistake that would affect the selection.
No registration fee.
Entrants should login http://www.aniwow-online.com to apply by filling the application form online. Each application form is only for one work. A registration number will be generated automatically by the online system after a successful application for each work. And a piece of confirmation letter with the registration number will be sent to the email address given during the registration after entrants finish the form.
FTP submission is preferred via the FTP Address: ftp://ftp.aniwow-online.com. Username and password are generated automatically by our system and will be sent by email after registration. Each work matches one FTP account. When uploading, please keep saving in the default folder.
Works can be burned into DVD and then posted with the printed application form to the organizing committee, if the file is not suitable for transmission online. Please mark “Aniwow! Works” on the back of envelope and enclose the registration number.
Communication University of China, Animation School,
No.1 Ding Fuzhuang East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
P.R. China, 100024
We will appreciate if universities and colleges could collect their students’ works and submit them together.
All submitted works must reach the festival office no later than Sept. 28th, 2009. If the works are delivered by mail, the date of postmark will be taken as the date of delivery.
Please make sure that the application information is correct. The organizing committee will send prizewinner the certificate, challenge cup and reward.
See more information about registration and submission on the official website.

7. Copyright Explanation
If not specially point out, in this info,
The Organizing Committee refers to Organizing Committee for 4th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival.
Post address: [Aniwow! 2009]
Communication University of China, Animation School
No.1 Dingfuzhuang Dongjie, Chaoyang District,Beijing
P.R.China, 100024
Tel: +86 10 6578 3458/75 ex 118/119
Fax: +86 10 6578 3457
Official Website: http://www.aniwow-online.com
E-mail: whitepoplar@aniwow-online.com
FTP uploading address: ftp://ftp.aniwow-online.com
The director refers to entrant who has already fulfilled the entry procedure.
The director should provide the factual information and identification. Although CISAF cannot check the information authenticity strictly, CISAF will block any entrants with false information during the festival.
The work refers to the Animation or Comic work, academic thesis or the productions based on the selection that is made by the director following the stated way, no matter whether it will get a prize, the director will have the copyright according to the < Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China>.
Publicity refers to publish the work in public according to the stated range. All the published work cannot be backspaced or deleted unless there is special situation.
CISAF will reject the work below:
Against the State law.
Instigate the ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, destroy the ethnic unify.
Insult or slander others, trespass others’ legal rights.
Other content which the law has banned
For the sake of respecting the copyright, and protect the legal right of the director, all entrants should agree the declaration below:

I declare that I have the copyright of the work. I consent to the use of my animation and supporting stills for the publicity purposes of CISAF.

All the work would not be sent back in principle, and the entrants should keep the original edition.
About plagiarism
Plagiarism is defined as knowingly presenting the work or property of another person as if it were one’s own.
CISAF doesn’t have sufficient ability to spy on plagiarism. However, if there is any plagiarized work being founded, CISAF has the obligation to cancel the qualification of the entrant. CISAF will not undertake any responsibility for plagiarism at other places, and all the legal responsibilities will be undertaken by plagiarist himself.
CISAF has the obligation to provide the background information of any person who might have done plagiarism when the judiciary or the copyright owner require.

Entrant who submits the work to CISAF will all be regarded as he agrees all policy above. CISAF will not undertake the responsibility of breaching of faith or other legal responsibilities, including not undertaking the responsibility of compensating to the entrant who has been canceled the qualification by CISAF because of not accepting the charge of infringement.

CISAF has the explanation right for all the information above. Anything that goes against the Law of the People’s Republic of China will follow the law.

[Aniwow! 2009]
Organizing Committee for 4st China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival
April, 2009

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