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2D &/or 3D Game Artist

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2D &/or 3D Game Artist 
By tberthel on Jun 06, 2009 11:21 PM
I have made many games for the new Android phones, but my art sucks.

So, I am in need of an artist.

I can offer a percentage of sales and in game recognition as the main game artist.

The art for a perticular game would define the percentage of sales which would range between 10-60% of net sales.

So if a game is $0.69 per copy after Google gets its cut (%2.90 + 30%) and 40% of net sales goes to you then:

100 sales would get you $27.60
1000 sales would get you $276.00
10000 sales would get you $2,760.00
100000 sales would get you $27,600.00
1000000 sales would get you $276,000.00

and so on.

So, if you want your name and art on a new Android Platform game and some profit then please email me: travisberthelot@hotmail.com

While my sales are not spectacular to say the least I do have some sales despite bad art and sound.

You can get more info about me and play the applet versions for free at: http://allbinary.axspace.com/


Travis Berthelot
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