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Dark Worlds Studios 
By Naggafin on May 22, 2009 08:10 PM
Greetings all. Dark Worlds Studios is seeking artists currently of all kind (primarily mechanical/structural or organic art) for those who may be interested.

Dark Worlds Studios is a game developing team striving to use the newest technology to create the best experience. We attempt to make creative environments with unique assets to pair with them, such as vehicles, races, and structures to help explain or surround details about the universe, whatever it might be. Our goals are to be inspired by others, while simultaneously implementing our own creativity. We're currently developing a game titled "Dune Empires - The War of Assassins" on the Unreal Engine 3.

Dune Empires
The War of Assassins

Release Date: To be announced
Genre: Real-Time Strategy / First Person Shooter
Platforms: PC, PS3

Dune Empires - The War of Assassins is a truly unique RTS with many features previously unfound in RTS games, such as an in-field camera, realistic style strategic locations, squad AI, first-person action with a blend of RTS action, frontline action, strategic territorial control, and more.


The emperor to the Golden Lion Throne is dead, assassinated. The reign of house Corrino has ended. The universe is once again without an emperor, and the flow of spice melange on Arrakis has stopped. The Guild of Space calls upon the three strongest houses who have the resources, the man power, and the ability to wage war. Under the terms of the Great Convention, a new house must take the throne and rule the sands of Arrakis. The War of Assassins, a war that will decide the next ruler of the known universe, has been declared by three factions, house Atredies, the noble, house Harkonnen, the evil, and house Ordos, the deviant. Each house will engage in a brutal battle under the terms of the War of Assassins against their foes, and fight for dominence over the known universe.

We're developing a multiplayer beta first to see how well gameplay fairs to the gamers. As of now we're freelance and non-commercial, though should the release prove successful, in the future that may change.

Feel free to question or comment.

Those interested can contact me here:

We do not take any sort of credit or ownership of any art created for our cause, that is solely left to the creator.
All of this is off-site work for now.

Thanks for reading,
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