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BIG annoying problem!!

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BIG annoying problem!! 
By Hakeem on Apr 14, 2009 11:48 PM
Well i thought i was pretty descent at modelling until i tried modelling my phone..Big mistake lol

i tried to keep it as simple as i could but so many problems are popping up and yes its part of the learning progress and so i am here to seek help on this.

This is not the only problem, but its best to tackle one thing at a time. ill try and explain this as best as i can but the image should give you a bigger understanding and im starting to think you might need the file to see it clearly and if thats the case then please let me know.

problem: i want a sharp edge, and so i make an egde ending at a 90 degree and angle, but that doesnt provide a sharp edge, i use the ofset edge loop technique, but that still doesnt work. ive tried a LOT of other things and so i need some help on this topic.....PLEASE!!!

My apologies for the essay ive just written but this problem is @$*$%" me off :D

the image shows the low res on the top and the level 1 sub d on the bottom. (you will understand it more if you had the file, and im not asking you to fix it for me, im asking you to tell me HOW, cos dat way ill learn from my mistakes :D

Thank you!


click for full-size image (1280 x 1024)

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