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CrackArt: 3D opensource specialized in Texturing

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CrackArt: 3D opensource specialized in Texturing 
By ErikaM on Feb 28, 2009 12:48 AM
Hi guys,

We've just released a new 3D open source application specialized in Texturing: CrackArt, and we'd like to invite you to test it. We've been working on it for around 4 years and it is currently in Alpha stage, but in order to provide more functionality while it's being tested, we've designed a series of productivity goals for this stage.

The first productivity goals, Texture Baking and 3D Paint,are focused on Texturing, allowing artist to import 3D scenes into CrackArt and creating textures for them.

Check this tutorial, where Diego show us how transfer textures from a high poly object to a low poly object using Texture Baking (tools) and UV Atlas to create mapping coordenates automatically:

Mayan Skull

CrackArt allows you to import 3D models in formats FBX and 3DS, and includes a plugin which allows to import - export from 3dsmax, Maya, Blender.

Be welcome to visit our website: http://www.crackart.org, and you can download it here: http://www.crackart.org/download.php

It would be great to hear about you, any questions, ideas, etc, and don't hesitate in contacting us at engineman@sceneengine.org or erika@crackart.org

talk to you soon,

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