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HELP on baking in lighting

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HELP on baking in lighting 
By p_4204 on Jan 05, 2009 12:22 AM
I am working on an animation of a large gymnasium. It has hundreds of interior lights and it was suggested that I bake in the lighting and shadows to save rendering time. I have a few questions:

1-How do I decide what resolution I should use. A running track goes all around the interior (60ftx100ft). Is there a rule of thumb that helps to determine what resolution I would use to make sure it is accurate?

2- I understand that after baking I can get rid of the lighting. I get a black image if I turn out lights even though the shadows have baked correctly. How do I illuminate the scene with bake din lighting?

3-Do I have to bake each materal?

4-Do I have to "unwrap uvw modifier" each item?

5- If I bake each texture with final gather, soft shadows, reflection and refraction included, can I render with these turned off to render faster?


click for full-size image (432 x 238)

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