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Looking for a technical illustrator and animator

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Looking for a technical illustrator and animator 
By reflexx on Dec 02, 2008 11:24 PM

Let’s jump right in…..

We are a small company that is developing a Robotic Vehicle Platform (also called a UGV). Ours is called the ARCHER. We are on a shoe-string budget and currently looking for someone to create some TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATIONS and COMPUTER ANIMATIONS (not Flash!). These illustrations & animations that you would provide would be used in presentations to potential investors, clients, in our literature and on our website.

GO to our (not quite finished site: www.ReflexxRobotics.com) for an idea of what ARCHER looks like. It is just the "platform" and then we (or our customers) put "payload modules" on top. These drawings would be of "real" products and some concepts that we will build in the future.

We need several drawings of our vehicle in different colors and in different environments. Then we need drawings of ARCHER Vehicle with the various platforms that can be added. The payload can be anything from camera systems, LASER/LIDAR systems, weapons, sensors, etc. DO a google search for military UGVs for an idea of what the final product looks like.

We would also like to make short animated videos of our robot(s) in action. Similar to “cut-scenes” in video games, just not necessarily as fancy as current games! Here's an example of the type of "video animation" we would like to produce: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Lt_WxsBkY

So if your prices are reasonable (for the first drawings / animations), the best thing we can offer in the long run is that you would be the only source we would use for future illustrations, animations and related services. We would (of course) give you full credit for any work that you provide. I would supply some very (basic) sketches, photos of the pieces/ideas, storyboards, then you would combine all the elements into finished art and/or animations.

IF things go well, we plan on manufacturing these by the hundreds for military and commercial applications. If you are interested, please give me a call to discuss. We are in Southern California (pacific time).


Thanks in advance,

Gene Sherman
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Re Looking for a and animator 
By Linjie3d on Dec 08, 2008 10:10 AM
Hello ,sir

Nice day ! I'm interested in your work and expecting to work with you. I'm experienced in 3d fields ,and can make animation rendering , graphic and so on!
How can we start ? I don't like wasting time . It is worth us to do it well once we decide to take it , right?? Ok ,pleas contact me at :spring_00@yahoo.cn
MsN : linjie_animation@hotmail.com


click for full-size image (800 x 500)

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