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[Wanted] 3D Modellers, 2D Concept &Texture Artists

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[Wanted] 3D Modellers, 2D Concept &Texture Artists 
By spaceunlimited on Sep 19, 2008 09:49 PM
We currently have the following positions available to join the Space Unlimited Game project.

2 x 3D Model Artists. Duities to include 3D models of space ships. To export in .FBX format.

2 x 2D Concept Artist.
To work mainly on concept art of space ships ready for 3D creation.

2 x Texture Artists. Creating Diffuse Texture maps for completed 3D models, aswell as Specular, Normal, Light/Glow and Strobe map data for models.

Please take a moment to view the blog site at...
or the Team forums at...

If you still feel interested in joining our team then please email me at...
Jobs@SpaceUnlimitedGame.com with some examples of your work.

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