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Profitshare for small job on a "Casual Game"

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Profitshare for small job on a "Casual Game" 
By mattt8 on Sep 01, 2008 11:39 PM

We are creating a "Casual Game" in the Adventure category for a site such as www.bigfishgames.com, and are seeking an artist who is interested in the game credit, as well as in profit sharing. All participants will profit share, no salaries will be paid to any participant including the principals.

We have a 10+ year veteran game designer from the video game/MMORPG industry, and a 10+ year former employee of Microsoft from the Direct X developement department as the programmer. The project is fairly small, and the art piece and objects would not require lots of time. You can sample various similar games at that or any other "casual" game website. In 2007 the Casual Games market grossed over 2 billion dollars, so the small size and focus of the games (and small pricetag, usually about $9.95) doesn't mean there isn't plenty of money to be had in the marketplace.

If you are interested, contact babyloninteractive@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Matt Thomas
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