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"The Fourth Place" is looking for 3D animators

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"The Fourth Place" is looking for 3D animators 
By fourthplace on Aug 25, 2008 11:50 AM
Would you like to make a film together with four other animation artists from around the world ?

„The Fourth Place“ is an independent film project managed by the film makers Karin and Didi Fromherz. It will be a combination of a documentary and an animated film about the 3D sub-culture. The highlight of this project will be a computer animation of approximately 10 minutes that will be created in a joint venture by 5 different 3D computer animators. The directors would like to use the visions and special skills of the individual protagonists to tell a good story. Moreover, the participants should be able to use this project as a stepping stone for their future career paths.
The documentary part will focus on the various personal backgrounds and social environments of the people portrayed.

Eligible applicants are people who:

* are passionate about and spend their spare time with computer-generated virtual 3D worlds
* can model and animate
* have mostly acquired their skills by teaching themselves
* are interested in working together with other 3D artists and aficionados
* are prepared to bring themselves into play and have their personality portrayed in a documentary
* are also interested in working full-time on the project for a few months (in 2009)

We offer:

* professional support for the production of a joint short film project
* a professional script on the basis of your interests and style preferences and in consideration of your skills
* all necessary software licences
* coverage of all living expenses for the duration of the film production
* rights of use for your personal portfolio / showreel
* partial rights of use for screenings / broadcasting of the animated film

For more information: http:// www.thefourthplace.com
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