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Modeling car, moving with Normals.

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Modeling car, moving with Normals. 
By alpin3d on Jul 10, 2008 07:56 PM
Hi i'm a native spanish speaker, i hope you'll understand my English.

I'm modeling a car in Maya with the help of a video tutorial (Digital Tutors).
I started with nurbs and continued with polygons and subdivisions.
I have a lot to do yet, it's only beginnig.
I've sent attached in this post two basic renders of my work.

It seems to me that perhaps the roof of the car it's a little low ( the roof is still in polygons while the rest is in subdivisions ).

Constructive opinions ?.

But i have a doubt, in the video tutorial, after the teacher model in nurbs to make a general design, and convert to Polygons to make detail, he use NORMALS to move vertices, so as to respect the aerodynamic modeling intention.
He works with a Lambert material.

When i start moving, just a little, some vertex with NORMALS, i see that NORMALS fail, because if i use a blinn material and make a basic render i can see small dents in the surface. If i take some time i can solve the dents problems.

The thing is that the teacher don't do a basic Render, and just go on modeling without testing with a basic render.
It seems to me that if i do that i'll have dents problems in the surface, so i prefer to check it constantly with a basic render (with blinn material).
This makes the modeling process slower.

My question is : Am i working with the correct technique or i don't need to constanly check with renders to correct dents ?
Perhaps there's a function in Maya to automaticaly correct dents ??
Average Vertex ??.

Thanks for your time.
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Car modeling 
By alpin3d on Jul 10, 2008 07:57 PM
I also see that after i moved vertex with NORMALS to make detail, in the working or display view, if i use a Blinn material i can see little dents in the surface, it seems to me that normals fail.
The teacher in the video tutorial uses a lambert material to model.
If i use a Lambert material i don't see dents problems but i do see when i use a Blinn material.

What do i do, i go on with a Lambert material ( in the video tutorial they use this material ) or i use a Blinn so as to do a perfect work.

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