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Awakening 3.0 Released!

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Awakening 3.0 Released! 
By aaqiang on Jun 21, 2008 10:41 AM

Awakening is powerful rapid application authoring tool for efficiently creating interactive 3D content. With it, you can easily creating eye-catching interactive 3D presentations, animated 3D web, brief film, game...

Awakening 3D solution include three modules: Scene Editor ( Awakening.exe ), Scene Player ( WindsPlayer.exe ) and Web3D Player ( supports IE & Firefox family ).

Awakening presentations are typically used for making short movies, product and architectural visualizations, e.g. for sales, support and e-learning purposes, or, for product branding or prototyping.

Main features:

*Robust lighting

*Full animation support

*User-friendly physics system

*Efficient Visibility Testing

*Flexible Shader Text support

*Particular Blur Rendering

*Realtime Post Processing

*Compact web3d player

Download (26,298K):


For more information and download, please goto our forum:


Sincerely yours,

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