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Open source Scriptable Texture Baking tool (needs Beta teste

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Open source Scriptable Texture Baking tool (needs Beta teste 
By ScEngMan on Jun 19, 2008 11:36 PM

The SceneEngine team is proud to announce a new milestone in SceneEngine's development: Scriptable Texture Baking.

This new SceneEngine build was developed with productivity in mind. The Lua interface and the Raytracing and Texture Baking libraries were improved to provide easier scene management and raytracing, new tools and modifiers were added to simplify the process of uv creation and mesh subdivision, and new importer-exporter plugins were added to allow more users to test SceneEngine.

Some of the new features are:

- Wireframe rendering
- Ambient occlusion
- UVAltas modifier
- Subdivide modifier
- Noise texture
- Import FBX and 3ds scenes

If you are interested in testing SceneEngine, please download the latest build and visit the wiki page How to test SceneEngine.

Please remember that SceneEngine is in active development and we urgently need Beta testers. If you are interested in becoming a SceneEngine Beta tester please drop us an e-mail : engineman@sceneengine.org

Next SceneEngine milestone: CrackArt > Texture Baking

* CrackArt is SceneEngine's 3D application

Thank you!
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