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Generalist for 3D Studio Max - scifi space action short

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Generalist for 3D Studio Max - scifi space action short 
By ramador on May 20, 2008 07:16 PM
Looking for a Generalist for 3D Studio Max for immediate work on a
space sci-fi action epic short film (21 minutes). The position's
primary role is to create cinematic space battle sequences. Must be
able to execute inspired animation (for camera work and spaceship
flight), lighting, and rendering work. Additionally, there are some
simple effects that must be done in 3D Studio Max, such as laserfire,
explosions, engine exhaust flare, smoke, etc. Most scripting to
automate these effects has been completed. We have already completed
the modeling, design, animatics (for camera movement), and most
texturing and shading.

A strong sense of cinematography and lighting is a must. A love of
space sci-fi action is an absolute must. Candidates should be
familiar with aesthetic techniques of the Gundam series, Cowboy Bebop,
Star Wars, etc. Strong dramatic composition and painterly lighting
must be pumped into every shot. Must be able to create quick
animation demos for approval (meaning you know how to create a new
shot from scratch quickly and don't need to learn how to remake the
wheel every time).

The filmmakers are professionals in the field of post production.
Previous work includes TMNT, Transformers, Next, as well as numerous
music videos. Unlike the average filmmaker posting on these forums,
we know the ins and outs of VFX, and you won't have to educate us on
the job. We will not waste your time. We will not ask the
impossible. We will push you to be creative. You will not find a
short film that will look better on your reel.

The project has already been accepted by numerous sci-fi film festivals
based on work-in-progress cuts. You can view the teaser trailer at
http://foodforthemoon.com/mars as well as our previous work here:

Compensation/pay is negotiable and dependent on experience. If you
add value to the project, pay will reflect that. We are looking for
people that will bring enthusiasm, professionalism, and enjoyment to
the project. Must be able to start soon, and work very very fast.
VFX work will likely begin in early June and run through June.
Residence in the Los Angeles area is a plus, as you will be meeting at
least three times with the filmmakers.

Please do NOT apply if:
-You do not feel comfortable taking a 3D/CG shot from layout to
animation to lighting to render in 3D Studio Max.
-You are not in a position to take a low-paying gig even though it's
awesome and will look great on your reel.

Please DO apply if:
-You daydream about space ship battles.
-You are awesome.

To apply, please email your resume, online reels, and cover letters to mars@foodforthemoon.com

If you know someone who may be interested in working on this project,
please direct them to this ad.

We will be making our decision before June 1st.
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