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Puzzle game needs some graphics

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Puzzle game needs some graphics 
By Makekk on Apr 07, 2008 04:09 PM
Hello there!

Me and couple of others have been working on a puzzle-style game thatīs still out of graphics.

Plot is like:

Thereīs a miner who digs and digs until he starves to death and his flesh fades through the time.. one day the God will come and wakes up the man, or the skeleton, everything thatīs left of him.

God says that if the guy gives him enough diamonds he will get his fleshy body back, piece by piece.

And now itīs your time to start digging!

So we would need few pictures as a intro that shows what I just said and then one modelled skeleton + modelled man that would fit to each other.

And one background image for the game itself.

With those we would get pretty far I think, so if thereīs someone interested, post me a mail and I can show where the game right now stands (it has right now graphics picked out of net and stuff so no interest to show it as public).

And if the game gets published as Shareware, the artist will get paid also of course.

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Looking for business cooperation chances 
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