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Apox is recruiting 3D artists.

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Apox is recruiting 3D artists. 
By Snooba on Mar 28, 2008 10:18 PM
Brief description:
Apox is an new and establishing independent game development studio located in Kristiansand, Norway. We are currently working on our first company title which is our own IP and is a Multiplayer RPG game with a dark fantasy setting inspired by and based on Norse Mythology and the game combines aspects from several genres with our own innovative gamestyle. We are a structured team with a solid plan for everything from the game and the company to the marketing even without a publisher, however we will go for a publisher after we have engaged our marketing plan to ensure a high value publisher.

Target aim:

Paid work. Payment depends on the position, but we believe it is good payment for the positions.

We have been evaluating several middleware packages, but have settled on Torque Game Engine Advanced. All fees for game engine and additional software are covered by Apox Entertainment with some exceptions. We have worked a lot already on the TGEA and have a solid codestructure and a network base which our two current programmers have worked on and have modified the engine and will continue to modify it for our needs.

We are also creating our own technology that is very unique and never seen before in a game which will bring the competitive gameplay to a new level, however this remains confidential. This technology is currently being prototyped internally.

Talent needed:

Please take a look at Apox Entertainment ( http://www.apox.no/jobs.html ) for full information. Below is a brief list on the open positions.

3D Environmental Modeler / Texture Artist Open
Hiring : Deadline 7th of April 2008
Duration : 3-6 Month Period (negotiable)
No relocation required

Job Description : The 3D Content and Props designer will be responsible for environmental modeling and texturing as main tasks. Secondary tasks will include prop modeling / texturing.

Requirements :
-Needs to learn Torque Game Engine Advanced, the exporter formats and other applications surrounding it
-Highly talented with modeling and texturing software (3dsmax / Maya, ZBrush etc)
-Very high general 3D experience and all fields covering it including texturing.
-Experience with shaders, UV Map, normal mapping, creating textures preferably tools like FX Composer 2 and TGEAs shader tools.
-Passion and interest for general fantasy, high / dark fantasy, preferably Warhammer, Warcraft, Tolkiens and other similar IPs.
-Passion for games and interest in RPG / MMO / Action / Adventure titles.
-Be able to follow directions and enjoy working solo and in a team.
-NOT necessary professional industry experience, however the portfolio, motivation and dedication weights up for it.
-Have models, screenshots or visuals (strong portfolio) to show!

Desired Skills :
- Have worked with several games in the past

Team structure:
As Apox Entertainment currently has workers from all around the globe, it was of highest importance to us to create an oriented and structured work environment for everyone to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. Apox Virtual Office which is our own collaboration package to ensure the best workflow for everyone.

Apox Entertainment - Apox Entertainment ( www.apox.no )

You are free to contact me through email. Please send your portfolio, personal informatio to the email together with what position you are applying for. Mail can be directed to reno@apox.no or jobs@apox.no

Previous Work by Team:
The Lead Artist has worked on Sins of a Solar Empire previously and other various titles while other 3D artists have worked with several games (AAA releases) previously. Other artists have had clients ranging from Electronic Arts to THQ. The Programmers come from different countries while fousing on different fields of experience like Network programming and Engine programming. This is however Apox Entertainment first company title and we are excited to bringing it to life.

Apox Entertainment

Employment Department
Apox Entertainment
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Re: Apox is recruiting 3D artists. 
By Imteaz on Sep 18, 2008 06:42 PM
I am experienced with making game quality models. But never directly related with games and I have to work online.
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