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Viral 3D Rendering suggestion

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Viral 3D Rendering suggestion 
By sgornick on Jan 21, 2008 02:54 AM
Last fall I was intrigued with the spinning dancer silhouette.

While that .gif animation had made the rounds on many blogs shortly after it was first published, I am guessing that 98% of the internet population still hasn't seen this.

If I knew how to do 3D modeling, had time on my hands, and wanted to get my name out I would create a knockoff of this animation. For instance, for Valentines Day related animation, replace the dancer with a cupid that spins, shooting arrows ... something I bet that if it existed would be asomething that would be viral in nature (i.e., so novel that it gets forwarded / reposted / etc. by a good chunk of those that see it.)

I created a spinning 3d heart image here, as proof of concept.
(stare at it long enough or blink, and it may appear to switch the direction that it rotates.)

But that is the extent of my 3D skills, so I won't be the one who takes this one and runs with it. Pehaps someone here would like to give it a try?
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Re: Viral 3D Rendering suggestion 
By vertex3d on Nov 19, 2008 05:47 PM

How can i help ?
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