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By zelal on Oct 02, 2007 05:16 PM
Hi All,

Good Day! It's not a spam. And I believe that it will be useful for everyone especially for the Freelancers who get paid from abroad or sometimes who pay to abroad.

I found MoneyBookers useful and safe for online transaction. It works for almost all the countries.

You will have many advantages such as quickest Bank Transfer, Online Shopping, Getting Instant payment etc. in moneybookers. Also, when you will send payment or buy something online you need not to reveal your Credit Card information.

You can upload fund from your Bank Account or by Your Credit Card.

Again, you can withdraw money by encashing money to your Bank Account (which will be done by MoneyBookers) or you can withdraw money to your credit card (i.e. MoneyBookers will refill the credit of your Credit Card).

Opening an accout is totally free.

So, open a free account now at:-





1) Your e-mail address will be used for any notification such as, if you receive any payment from someone. So, please use your regular e-mail and also use your present address in which you live and all postal mails comes safely.

2) Keep your password, customer ID etc. in safe place.
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