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AikoWorld Studios | Animation and Recreation 
By AikoWorld on Sep 19, 2007 08:23 AM
Updated 3-nov-07

I have studied at Escape Studios London and now working full time freelance for multiple company's.

I have also been added to Escape Studios Student Gallery which is a great honour

Major Skills based on the program Autodesk Maya and range from Lip-sync -en Projection Animation, Character Animation, Character Rigging and Setup, High -en Low Res Modelling, Zbrushing, UV-Mapping and Texturing.

I have worked for DSG, Buck Norris LLP, Pala Flicks, Slionhead, Escape Studios and more...

You can view my showreel on http://www.aikoworld.com/showreel.php
Direct Quicktime link http://www.aikoworld.com/portfolio/video/showreel_08_s.mov
You can also view my gallery at http://aikoworld.com/gallery/?level=collection&id=1
And my website at www.aikoworld.com
Resume http://www.aikoworld.com/resume.php
The most recent works are in the gallery.

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By AikoWorld on Sep 23, 2007 08:15 PM
Looking for cheap 3d models rigged or non rigged?

Advanced modelling, Amazing rigs with full IK/FK Setup!

Every month new models. And also at a very nice price.

Check out http://www.buy3d.aikoworld.com

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By AikoWorld on Nov 03, 2007 09:16 PM
I have updated the first post with my new showreel for 2008.
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