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2d artist needed for Irish legend game

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2d artist needed for Irish legend game 
By subedei on Jul 19, 2007 02:52 AM
We are looking for a 2d artist to draw a storybook opening to a game based on an Irish legend.

It would need to have a fairytale feel as well as be rooted in Celtic art. Think Jim Fitzpatrick or book of Kells. At first all we will need is the opening sequence in a book form with drawings illustrating the start of the story with narration before the game begins. Later this will be expanded apon.

Just to give a feel for how we are thinking the intro should look accept with a book as a border


or more animated paintings like the ones from the thief games



Nothing is set in stone tho, so if the artist wants to do something else we are open to suggestions

Just for those that are wary of games with non-existent teams. Here is a pics of a model one of the modeller's is made

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By subedei on Jul 21, 2007 01:34 AM
Just for ye to know, this game will be entered into multiple competitions and if it wins the prize money will be shared. But none of us are being paid to do this, so their is no pay besides the prize money if won.
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