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OBJ Issue: Maya to Max Triangulation

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OBJ Issue: Maya to Max Triangulation 
By bliargh on Jun 26, 2007 11:09 PM
When taking a mapped build from maya to max, I'm exporting the file from maya as an .obj (smoothing turned off, etc.). When it imports into max, it is completely triangulated. Furthermore, there are a bunch of flipped faces and issues of the sort.

A friend has exported the same maya binary file on his machine, same settings, and has taken it into his copy of max without the triangulation. He saved that max scene that preserved the quads in .obj, and he sent it to me. When I open it in my copy of max, it is triangulated again.

We're running same copies of maya (8.5) and max (8).

Is there a setting of some kind that needs to be turned off in order to prevent max from triangulating everything? It seems to be an issue with my copy of max, not with maya, as the obj's exported from maya have opened properly, without triangles, on other machines.

Please let me know if you have experience with this, it's very stressful.

Thank you
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