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Looking for a texture artist

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Looking for a texture artist 
By Blinkstale on Jun 11, 2007 04:33 AM
First off, I want to give a heads up to anyone entering this thread: this is a nonprofit project. That does not, however, mean your work will not be shown, rather, just the opposite (hopefully).

I'm working on a freeware game, a 3d space shooter, that's a tribute to Star Fox fans (seeing as how they've been getting the short end of the stick for far too long). I'm trying to give something back to a community that has done so much for me, but I know that because of the series' failures as of late, a fan tribute project will gather far more attention this time than any other. Because it is freeware, anyone would be able to download it, which would be a very good way to show off your work.

I am far into the development of the game, and one of the few aspects remaining is the need for textures and UV mapping. If you are interested in working on this project, which would not be of high priority, please send me an email at Blinkstale@gmail.com. Again, this is nonprofit, so please do not email me asking for pay. This project is mainly a gift to a community, but it will certainly help all our resumes as well, and considering the setting (a desert planet) there won't be much to texture in the first place, a dozen key models at most.

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Re: Looking for a texture artist 
By Blinkstale on Feb 17, 2010 08:22 PM
Hello again,

Sorry for double posting, but would someone please delete this topic, or at the least, would a moderator please remove my Email Address from it? I'm trying to cut down on spambot access to my email, and this website appears to have no moderator list, and no way to edit my own post.

Thank you.
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