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Modeling for texturing

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Modeling for texturing 
By stomps on Dec 30, 2001 08:28 PM
I have a model that I did for my demo http://www.tomspampinato.50megs.com/Other_Works/Frogg.htm . It is hi poly & I only plan on animating the Face with little movement in the arms, but nothing below the waiste.

Currently I am texturing it using deep paint 3D. My question is say you were me and you knew you were not animating this frog jumping. Would you model him streched out in a relaxed in between state, texture him, apply bones, pose and tweak the envelopes for the pose? or would model him to be in the static pose that the scene calls for but keep the animated parts in a in between relaxed state then texture him? It seems like the second choice is the faster way but I don't know if it is the proper way for a texture artist to work.

Obviously I did it the second way & I am finding that trying to apply mapping coordinates in this position very hard. Deep paint has ne vamp map the crap out of it. Which makes any 2d editing to the texture confusing. Of course it is my first time in Deep Paint and I am still learning in program.

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