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Texturing characters

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Texturing characters 
By loeckm on Jul 24, 2001 08:15 PM
Im getting ready to texture a highly complex model.  I was wondering what is the best to do this..    Should i create all objects as separate objects  like for instance the arms separate from the torso separate from the legs also extra things like back backs and such..      when i have everything modeled, and say for instance i modeled everything in surface tools. and broke each object down to a patch.    Should I texutre each object separately  with UVW mapping coordinates and then colapse the stack for each object and the put my model together as a seamless model.        any ways just wondering if there is a better way then how I am doing it .....

Thanks to anyone who has any ideas
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Re: Texturing characters 
By Koztah3d on Jul 31, 2001 10:55 PM
Well..for the head and face use texporter...trust me, it'll help A LOT..no more playing with UVW Unwrap on high poly models!
I haven't fiddled with Texporter much so I don't know if you can use it with Multi-Subobject materials, but if you can, do it that way..much easier than splitting it up!
Good luck!

Whoops...that is, if you use 3dsmax ;D

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